What People Are Saying

If you want to know what East Side Music Together classes are like, sometimes it's helpful to know what others' experiences are.  Many of the families who have taken classes with East Side Music Together throughout the years were kind enough to share those experiences.  Check 'em out: 

"My kids started Music Together® at 4 months old.  I originally joined, because it was one of the few Mommy and me activities that I could attend alone with my twins.  Jen or other adults in the class would help me out, when I needed.  I like that it is an 45 minutes long class (sometimes longer). Most kid activities are only 1/2 an hour.  It is a lot of effort to get twins to a class, and it doesn't seem worth it for just 1/2 an hour.  It's the only activity we have done that consistently holds their attention for an hour.  The best mommy advice I got about signing kids up for classes was to choose only those activities that I would love to go to.   I loved making music as much as they did, and that's probably why I kept coming back each year.  Jen clearly loves working with children, but she also has a beautiful voice, and we enjoyed hearing some of her own children's songs."   Mom to Carolina and Joseph, 4 years old and Nicolas, 18 months old


"I started taking my daughter to Eastside Music Together when she was 6 weeks old. Some might think that is early, but from the beginning the songs have become an integral part of our lives. I have sang and personalized Music Together songs to keep my daughter still while changing a diaper, to make her feel better, to get her laughing, to engage her in an activity, and to sing her to sleep. My daughter is a happy energetic toddler who loves music and playing with different toy instruments. Thank you Jen for giving us a toolset of wonderful ways to enjoy music together at home, in the car, walking the dog, playing at the park, and of course during the class with others!"  Mom to Samantha, 17 months old


"When William was 15mo old I decided to try a Music Together class. I thought it might be a fun way to expose him to music and other kids/adults in a class-type setting. Not being very musical myself, I wasn't sure what to expect. Nothing could have prepared me for how much William LOVES Jennifer Romanat ("Miss Jen") and her class!!! We have had so much fun singing, dancing, and learning about all different kinds of instruments together. Jen's great sense of humor creates a warm and relaxed classroom environment which is perfect for my very active toddler to feel safe to learn and explore. I couldn't be more thankful for this experience!"   Mom to William, 2 and 1/2 years old and Andrew 6 months old


"I'll never forget the class when my son, Teddy, finally got off my lap and started dancing with the group. Now, a year later, he's an avid dancer who grabs my hand every time we hear a toe-tapper and says, 'Mommy, I wanna dance wif you!'  Priceless."   Mom to Teddy, 2 and 1/2 years old


"I started taking my son to music together when he was 9 months, now he's 2 and it has been the best thing for him. He absolutely loves going! He will talk about it all week and now he asks for "The Hello Song" all day! His favorite part is when Jen takes her guitar out and plays... He's amazed by it. Jen makes the class fun and comfortable for everyone, you can tell she really loves what she does".  Mom to Giulian, 2 years old.


"My husband and I enjoy your class because you make everyone feel welcome and you are so loving toward every single child. We also appreciate how you make music, rhythm and movement a natural part of each child's experience. Finally, when we first started attending your class, we had just moved to RI from OH... What a lonely time... And sharing your class with our daughter each week has been an important family social anchor."  Mom and dad to Trudy, 21 months old


"I am a Nanny, and over the years, have brought several children to Jen's music class. It's been an amazing experience to witness the growth in these children, from sitting quietly in my lap, not participating much, to all out dancing, singing, and LOVING Jen, and the music that they learn! In fact, loving the songs SO much, that every time we travel inthe car, we HAVE to listen to Music Together cd's!  I am so glad to have had this experience, for me, and for the 5 children that were introduced to Music Together through my participation!  Thank you Jen, for being such an awesome, energetic, loving teacher!"    Nanny to several great kids all different ages.


"Jen is a warm and engaging teacher. The class is a relaxed and fun experience for both parents and kids."  Mom to Frances, 3 years old


"We really enjoyed your class. At first George was very shy, he kept leaving the room (I think he was the youngest in the group and this was the first music class we ever took). But it was great to see him become more and more comfortable as the course progressed, and even run up to you to give you a hug!! It was also great to see him so focused on the songs.  I thought the class was great with a nice pace and switch between slow and fast songs. George loved the props and the movements for each songs, and he was completely blown away by the parachute that you brought to one of the classes!!  But the real pay off was when I started playing the cd in the car and he started re-enacting the songs. We went from dreading the car rides to looking forward to longer road trips because he could enjoy the music and we could drive in peace."  Mom to George, 18 months old


"East  Side Music Together was one of the highlights of my week when I was home with my daughter.  Jen is able to keep the kids' attention and make the class fun for any age. She creates a welcoming environment that just brings about fun, the best in people. Once I went back to work we signed our daughter to go twice per week once with me and once with her grandmother or father, the class was so much fun that my husband when he could, would even go 2 days in a row and he truly enjoyed each class. We both enjoyed the way the songs were done and found ourselves singing them quite often. One of the greatest joys of the class was seeing that even an infant can enjoy the experience of being involved with music, a teacher and other students. Jen taught us as parents how to incorporate music into our home with our baby, whether it was just simply playing with a scarf, ball or just dancing around having fun with your child.  Jen was able to teach us a parents a new way to have fun with our baby."  Mom to Ellen, 15 months old


"Music Together has provided my two girls with a chance to explore the musical world through dance, song and movement. The class has improved my children's self esteem by allowing them to sing and dance in a very safe, non competitive, environment. I have watched them learn about themselves and grow in this class. It has introduced them to the musical world of instruments and sounds in a very friendly manner. I have enjoyed every moment. 

I am very grateful to Jen Romanat for her profound teaching abilities and her passion for music. She has done an incredible job over the course of the last three years that I have brought my children. I will continue with Music Together for as long as I am able!"  Mom to Amelia, 4 years old and Laurel, 2 years old.


"Both of our children loved Jen's Music Together class.  The songs are great, of course, and the variety of instruments Jen brings in really offer children a fantastic way to begin to understand the myriad of ways to make music.  But what they loved most of all, what they looked forward to every week and bloomed under, was Jen's warm, vibrant energy and the close community that energy created in each class.  Our family is so grateful for the memories we'll always have from this time together!"  Mom to Dashell, now 7 years old and Vivien, 2 years old.


"I took my newborn and my 2-year-old to Jen's music together class shortly after our family moved to Providence. It was exactly what we needed: to engage my two-year-old and myself in something truly fun and lovely while the baby could absorb the characteristics of quality music. The baby sings louder in the car when that CD goes in, months later! I know he knows good music! It immediately became something that we could count on each week. It brought more security and joy to our new Providence lifestyle. Jen brought the music together music, and some others, and HERSELF (including her own compositions)... All straight from her heart."  Mom to Allessia, 2 years old and Carmine 8 months old.


"My granddaughter, Adleigh's, favorite song in the world is 'Hello Everybody'. As soon as she gets in my van, she asks for 'Hello Everybody' (the CD). My son's musical friend's spent a lot of time with us over the holidays. They became her instant friend if they could play 'Hello Everybody' from the song book on the piano or guitar. She assembled our collection of rhythm instruments and played along with them. We even sang it at her birthday party! I am so pleased that she can sing in tune, remember lyrics, and is having so much fun. We can't thank you enough for opening this family activity to us to share and enjoy."  Grandma to Adleigh, 3 years old


"Of all the activities my two children have participated in over the past six years, I believe that Music Together has had the greatest lasting benefit on my children. They both love music and sing and dance confidently and joyfully. As well, they learned good behaviors for pre-school 'circle time' at a very early age. And, after six years (and 17 semesters!), I have yet to see Jen have a bad day...she truly loves teaching Music Together!"  Mom to Keith, 6 years old and Wes, 3 years old.