Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need to get in touch with my teacher?  You may call or email Jen.  Here is her contact info:


     Jennifer Romanat                                  

     480 Morris Ave                 

     Providence, RI  02906              



Is my child allowed to roam about the room?  Your child is allowed roam about the room except when holding sticks.  This is for your child’s and other children’s safety.  He/she will soon get the idea as long as you remain consistent in telling him/her firmly, “Sit with sticks”.  Many parents blame it on the teacher, this is perfectly fine J.  Please use common sense parenting and help your child and those around her to be safe.


May my child or I eat and drink in the class?  There are no food or drinks (especially coffee and Raisins!) allowed in the classrooms or just outside of the classrooms on the carpeted area.  However, sippy cups and water bottles are permissible and if your baby is nursing, please feel free to nurse in class. If you or your child cannot wait until after class for a snack you may go onto the stone area to eat. PLEASE help us to respect the space which has so graciously been rented to East Side Music Together.


What if my child is sick? Please do not bring your child to class if he or she has any of the following symptoms:  (a) visible yellow or greenish-brown nasal or eye discharge (b) fever (c) vomiting (d) seal – like cough.


What if I miss a class?  Am I allowed to make up and missed classes? You are entitled to a maximum of 2 make-up classes per session. You may use your make-ups within the current semester or within the next consecutive semesterThere is limited space in each class for make-ups. To schedule a makeup click hereYou will see a menu bar on the left hand side.  You can then choose how you would like to search for available classes. If you need to cancel a scheduled make up select that option on the menu bar. We can only allow in class those families who are scheduled and those who have signed up. This is to insure a manageable class size and an adequate number of instruments for each child in class. If you miss a scheduled makeup without first canceling it through the make up scheduler, you forfeit that makeup class.


Are guests allowed?  Adult guests are allowed any time and there is no need to let the teacher know in advance, unless you are bringing a whole family reunion of course. If you are bringing a child guest, including unregistered siblings, please sign him/her up on the make up scheduler to reserve space. The first time is free and every time after that there is $15 fee. If you intend on bringing an unregistered child to several classes, please check with me first as space is sometimes limited. See question above about make up classes on how to go about scheduling the guest for a make up spot. 


My child puts everything in his or her mouth.  Is this okay?  This is a very age appropriate way of exploration. Just keep watch and when your child “tastes” the instruments, and put the tasted instrument aside for the “Taster’s Choice” box collection.  The instruments are cleaned with alcohol in between classes. 


It seems like my child isn’t very interested. What do I do? Each child, as does each adult, has his or her own learning style. Your child may be learn on the go type. It may seem like she are more interested in the door than the class, but then you suddenly see her singing and dancing at home and imitating what she has seen in class. Or your child may be an observer. He may sit in your lap class after class and seem disinterested, but then he too comes home and imitates everything we do in class. It’s important to embrace your child in his/her own learning style and meet him/her where he/she is at in their own journey. Your acceptance will help your child to feel comfortable in class and in who he/she is and how he/she learns. Most of all do not compare your child to Johnny or Suzy who may sing and dance to everything in class. Johnny and Suzy are different kids than yours. 


Do I have to sing and get up and move around?  Nobody has to do anything they are not comfortable with. However, the more you take your own personal risks, the more likely your child will do so as well. Also, research shows that role modeling and caregiver participation is essential to musical development. You may even find yourself relaxed and having fun.  That alone is a great gift to your child. So we challenge you to relax and enjoy this time with your child. Please do avoid chatting with a friend in class and/or texting or phone calls during our time together, so that we may continue to offer a community music making experience to everyone, including your child. 


My child is going through biting, pushing and or hitting stage.  What do I do?  Be your child’s shadow during this stage so you can be proactive, not reactive. Have a plan of action.  Remove your child from the room when this happens, explaining in a calm, but firm voice that it is not okay to hit, push or bite. Don’t be embarrassed but do take action.


What if a class is canceled by the teacher? How will I know and will it be rescheduled?  If a class is canceled either due to personal illness or inclement weather, it will be posted on the home page of the website and the Facebook page. An email will be sent to everyone as well. The class would then be rescheduled for the week after the last scheduled class.


What if I need to cancel my registration?  Can I get a refund or credit? At the discretion of the director, partial credit or refund for up to six missed classes may be provided towards future classes in cases of prolonged absence due to severe illness, unsolvable adjustment difficulty, or other unusual circumstances. This does not include the change in nap schedules. The computation of this tuition credit does not include the registration fee, or a $55 minimum attendance fee covering materials, licensing fees and two classes.